The bit about the Author

OK, well if you're reading this you either know me (and I'm sat next to you showing you how nice my web site is), or I owe you money and you're trying to get my address, or you've come here by accident and have just clicked the back button on your browser............................

So I'm left with some one I know and someone I know who's after my hard earned dosh, well before I divulge my address, I'll tag you along just a bit!   I'm not making any dosh out of this web site and all the tabs are either tabbed by me or other people have tabbed them.  The usual only use these for personal use blah blah applies.

Hang on a sec this is supposed to be about me, OK well I'm 40 something (depending when I last updated this page!!), I'm living in Norfolk in England (search area narrowed down for person trying to get money!) and working in Reading (long story).  I left the Army in 98, after too many years and now work in IT.

I married to a Dutch girl whilst serving in Germany, she's from Limburg in Holland and we have a couple of dogs, Sam - a lurcher x and Bailey - a 55Kg lump.  Hobbies etc are obviously computers, I play some guitar, luv motor racing and have been known to do some drawing, I've just passed my Private Pilots License (PPL) - which is my current Money pit - once I get the Blogg up and running you can read about that there.   you can email me on

Thats it the Author bit!